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"All theory, dear friend, is gray, but the golden tree of life springs ever green." Goethe

My name is Bill Winder, I live in West Yorkshire with my wife and two young daughters. The paintings on this site I have done with designer's gouache which is a medium similar to watercolour but has brighter colours and a high pigmentation. I have used oil paint and acrylic in the past but I love the vibrancy and richer colours of the gouache medium. I also like the way gouache paints mix, sometimes appearing to have a life of their own as intermingle with one another when wet.  I paint mostly on thick card (600 gsm) because I find thinner cards ripple and distort when they become too wet.


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I have just recently started exhibiting some of my work, so currently in the early stages.

January 2017

I displayed my work in a joint exhibition at Wakefield Art Walk with Angie de Courcy Bower and the Black Horse Poets.

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Please drop me a line on or text/phone 07947023594.

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